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The Full Story

Why Nirvana?

No doubt, many had the wrong concept of Nirvana Memorial Garden as the most expensive columbarium in Singapore. In fact, Nirvana Memorial Garden priced itself as competitive as the rest of the columbarium.

After much research, we had concluded some information for your pleasure.

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We are comparable to market price

  • Regular Promotion and Discount

  • Transparency

  • No Top-up even when inflation

  • 1 Price for 77 Years

  • No Annual Maintenance

Stacks of Coins
Green Farm

Land Lease

77 years and more...

  • Till the Year 2098

  • All Niche and Pedestal are Good for 77 Years

  • Future Land Lease Extension has Minimal to No effect on our beloved residence.

  • No extra charges if land lease extended

Signing a Contract
Senior Patient

After Sales Services

Service to the max

  • Guaranteed After-sales Services

  • 24/7 Reachable

  • Dedicated Assistance on All Prayers & Occasion

Nirvana Pedestals Premium Suite

Exquisite Design

Singapore Most Luxury

  • Modern and Classy Niche Design

  • Open to All Beliefs 

  • Open Door Concept to Get Close to Your Loved Ones

Suite 81.JPG

Note from Prestige Nirvana

Death is not the opposite of life, but a part of it. We all would eventually be gone one day, the goal isn’t to live forever, but to create something that is meaningful and never to trouble the later generation.


Mostly it is the loss that teaches us about the worth of things and individuals. Life and Death is just a thin blurred line. Often, it is the custom and the tradition that prevents us from realizing the importance of pre-planning. 


Pre-planning is never too late. Let us be part of your final stop, today.  


Prestige Nirvana

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