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Pre-Planning, the new Norm

Updated: Mar 24, 2021

More than ever, people are exploring the option of pre-planning funeral arrangements. Pre-planning reduces the stress of making difficult decisions at a difficult time.

Documenting all your vital information, and assisting you in selecting the type of service you would like, you can have a distinctively meaningful and personalized celebration of life.

Pre-planning protect you and your beloved family members against potential future cost increment. At Nirvana Memorial Garden, we have several payment options and terms available to every individual who are keen to pre-plan their afterlife essentials.. Our professional staff is knowledgeable in all aspects and we are always available to explain these to you.

What’s involved with pre-planning a funeral?

At Nirvana Memorial Garden, we will guide you, your family and friends through all of the decisions that needed to be made or deem necessary. Whether any specific changes needed to be done, we ensure all aspect of afterlife arrangement are fulfill to your liking.

We will discuss the many different aspects of a funeral including but not limited to:

  • Cremation Services

  • Visitation and Service Options

  • Funeral location

  • Religion Chanting

  • Selection of Merchandise (Caskets, Urns, Flowers, etc.)

  • Order of Service (Music, Scripture Reading, etc.)

  • Receptions

  • Visual fulfillment

  • and many more....

When you are ready, schedule a no obligation appointment with our friendly Sales Team. we will be ready at anytime to answer any questions you have regarding pre-planning.

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