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Nirvana Memorial Garden Safety Measures Update 

~ Updated 20 July 2021 ~


In view of Phase 2 (Heightened Alert) announcement made on 20 July 2021 . 

Kindly take note that the capacity for Worship Services has been changed from 22 July 2021 until further notice , please adhere to the regulation set forth. 

1. Maximum of 2 pax per Visit/Prayers Appointment; Inclusive of all services within our Anling Room and Pedestal Installations. 
Guided by 1 Agent Per Group.

2. Maximum of 10 pax per Anling and Check-in services. 
Guided by 1 Agent and 1 Religious Master Per Group. 

All Visitors will still require to make all Appointment Bookings at least 3 Days in advance

Nirvana has the rights to reject any excess in the number of pax entering the venue.

Wearing of high filter mask is recommended when visiting our premises.


To strictly adhere to the above-mentioned and trusting to have informed you accordingly. 
Thank you for your kind understanding and cooperation.

~ 2021年7月20日 更新 ~

根据政府在2021 年 7月 20日最新公布的 第二阶段(增强警报)


1. 所有探访和祭拜最多2人一组,包括到安灵房祭拜和升牌仪式。可由一位代理带领

2. 安灵和入位仪式将维持最多10 位一组。可带一位代理和一位师父

所有访客仍需在至少3 天前预约到访时段




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